…. along came Madame…

Sometime around 5-6 months old we began to discuss getting Crowley a friend/playmate. He hated being left alone ( I will jump into that a little later on). It turned out that the same breeders would soon have a new litter available. As our luck would have it the parents of Crowley were the ones expecting. This meant the puppy would a full sibling just from a different litter. We did go back and forth on the idea for a few months. Madame was born on February 17th. We were able to bring her home when she was just 8 weeks old!! The first night I believed that we had made a terrible mistake!! Crowley was very unsure about this little creature invading his space. He didn’t want me near her!!! That being said it didn’t take long and they were inseparable. Best decision we made next to getting Crowley!!!


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