Choosing the best dog food

I have learned so much about dogs in general over the last year. Specifically boxer breeds. I knew that there were dogs foods for puppies, grown dogs and senior dogs and of course small breed and large breed. What I didn’t know was that there are brands of food specifically for dogs with sensitive skin, sensitive tummy’s and food allergies.

I discovered an amazing website that rates all brands of dog food and gives it a score based on ingredients. I have attached the link below. For boxers I learned they are notorious for food allergies. Grain free is the way to go with a boxer.

I went with canidae grain free for the first year. I decided to try Wellness Core grain free a few months ago. My only reason for changing is because the canidae isn’t available in stores. I can only get it online. That would be fine except with two growing puppies they eat A LOT!! It seems I am always running out. Wellness Core is sold at our local Petsmart. I also order from The wellnes Core offers several grain free options. They have chicken, fish, turkey and beef, all of which are grain free! So far my pups love the whitefish, herring and salmon. My only issue with this one is the smell. It does smell fishy. It’s not terrible but I just thought I should note that.

As for pricing… I have learned you get what you pay for. Good dog food is definitely more expensive. It’s worth every penny in my opinion. However I realize if you have multiple dogs a less expensive dog food is a must. Guess what? There are some really good ones that have ratings that are as good as the more expensive ones! Rachel Ray has a grain free that rate 4.5 stars. Purina One also has one that has 4.5 star rating. I’m sure most people know this but it’s important to note that buying dog food from a pet store typically costs more than buying from an online source, Walmart, Sams or a feed store. If you have a Tractor Supply Co. or a feed and seed store in your town check them out! You can buy dog food in bulk for much less!

With white boxers as well as any other white dog, they tend to get tear stains under their eyes. It drives me crazy! Apparently a dogs diet can cause the staining. Mr. Crowley had them for about 8 months. I finally started filtering his water. Between that and the Canidae dog food his cleared up completely. Now as for Madame this is still an ongoing battle. I’m hoping that the Wellness Core will help with hers.

Please feel free to share your favorite dog food. What’s worked for your pups? Which dog foods do you like or dislike?

Above is the link to best place to see ingredients, ratings and reviews on all dog foods. This website is amazing! They include a link to compare prices on each dog food brand!!!

Ok mom this post made us hungry! Can we order lunch already????


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