Heartworm/flea & tick medications

Has your dog ever gotten sick from a preventative medication? Have you ever noticed that they seem lethargic for a couple of days after you give their meds?

Well I can say yes to both. I give them heart worm medication & I will continue to do so forever. It just concerns me how bad it makes them feel.

What brand of heartworm medicine is best?

(See links below)

I started Crowley on Trifexis. I chose it because it was one pill that protected him from multiple types of worms and fleas. At the time I was unaware that it did NOT protect them from ticks. We live in the South. Regardless of the statistics we have a lot of ticks. We see a lot of RMSF in humans.

The first 3 months of trifexis went off without a hitch. Month #4 within 12 hours of giving it to him he started vomiting. For 48 hours solid everything that he ate came back up. It was about 72 hours before he was himself again.

I always followed the directions. It was given with a meal. The strength was increased that month due to his weight gain. I discussed this with our vet. We settled on Nexgard and heartgard. Nexgard cover fleas and ticks. Heartgard is heart-worm prevention. He and Madame have been on these now for a long time. I do have to give them about 2 days apart or it will make them feel bad. As long as I give them like this I haven’t had any problems. I have researched alternatives and I’m not convinced that the all natural products available will protect them. I don’t like putting chemicals in their little bodies if I can avoid it! I did find what I believe is a safe alternative for the flea and tick prevention…

I decided to consult my vet. I learned that they he and all of the staff use seresto to protect their animals from fleas and ticks. I researched it myself and it appears to be a safe alternative! I plan to get them for my dogs next month. Seresto is a collar that they wear for 8 months. It’s safe for humans to touch. This part was important to me because they sleep in my bed. It’s definitely more cost effective than the pills. The cost is around $40 and last 8 months! I did read that if your dog swims more than once a month they may only be protected for around 5 months. I will update this post after we try the seresto.

Below I have included links to all of the products I mentioned in this post. I encourage everyone to talk to your vet and then do your own research before making a decision. I also included a link to web DVM. It’s like web Md but for pets. Tons of good info, articles available on this website.






**An interesting bit of info. that I learned while talking to the vet is that if you purchase your animals meds from a website like Chewy.com the medication is no longer guaranteed by the company. **

*** 02/01/19 Today we purchased our Seresto from our vet. $39.99 each with a $15 mail in rebate!!***


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