Micro-chip your pups

We put our dogs micro chips in ourselves. When we registered them with CKC we had the option to buy the micro chip package. It was $39.99 and well worth it. It came with everything that you need. Very easy to do yourself however if you are uncomfortable doing it your vet will put it in for you. It’s comforting to know that they have it. That being said a lot of people think that it is a tracking device. That is a misconception. None of the microchips have such technology as of yet. I am sure that it will be developed soon. If someone finds your lost dog they would need to take it to a vets office to be scanned. Your name and info will come up. For me it’s just peace of mind knowing that they have it.

Once the chip has been properly placed you log in to the link below and register your pet and all of your info. Its that simple. You can go in and update your information at any time.

#microchip #boxerdogs #whiteboxerdogs

I have also included a link to the  CKC registery





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