4bfb1c5c-d35f-4a0d-888c-6c837ddf2d71Everyone gets so excited over a new puppy!! Day one is so much fun! Then reality sets in. You may not be as ready as you think. I am certainly not an expert but I would like to share what I have learned on this journey. When we got Mr. Crowley he was meant to be my daughters dog. She had been begging for 2 years for a puppy. On the first night she brought him to my room because he wouldn’t let her sleep. Almost 2 years later he still sleeps in my bed and I love every minute of it. My point is everyone in the house needs to be on board with the idea of getting a puppy.

Hard truth… Puppies are cute but they are not easy!!! They are hard work! It is just like having a sweet new baby. They have to go out to potty every 30-45 minutes. They have to go out during the night. They need to be snuggled and loved. If you leave anything in the floor a puppy assumes that anything on the floor is a toy for them. No need to punish them, it isn’t the pups fault. It is the humans fault!!!!

Training a puppy is actually not a hard thing to do. Once again this is all about the human. You have to be consistent. If you are the type of person that does not follow through on things then do not take on a puppy. It will not work. Some dogs are harder than others to potty train but never impossible. As long as you are consistent then it will happen. Give them a treat every single time that they go potty. For me Crowley was so easy to house break. He had very few accidents in the house. Madame was a bit more stubborn but even then it didn’t take long.

As far as teaching them tricks. I am always amazed at how smart they are!! Crowley learned to sit, shake and lay in a day!!! It is obvious that your dog wants to please you. Again this to is all about consistency. Madame learned to do all the same tricks faster than Crowley because she learned from watching Crowley. They are so amazing and so much fun to have. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are worth every single second of work. I just wanted to share the reality of having a puppy. Make sure you are ready and well prepared.

I added a links to great potty training sites and tips


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