What’s best for you? Adopt or buy from a breeder?

You will quickly discover that people have very strong opinions on this subject!!! Be prepared to be lectured about adopting rather than buying. Let me start by saying I am perfectly fine with both.

Let’s start with buying from a breeder.

We chose this option because we wanted our first experience to be new pups where we had the option of buying more from the same bloodline (not to breed, both of our pups are fixed) for companionship.

We met our breeders at a large outdoor flea market in Alabama. Husband and wife. Not a “puppy mill”. She had a female and the husband a male so they bred them. It was the best decision for us. I like seeing the parents and siblings. I like that a year later we were able to get Madame who is a full sibling to Crowley.

As for adoption. I have not done this yet but I plan to adopt. I would love to give a dog a forever home!! I think it’s wonderful and I wish there were not so many that needed forever homes.

I would like to add my opinion on those who are completely against breeding. There are reputable breeders. As with anything else in this world there are also bad ones. There will always be people breeding dogs. That will never be stopped and do we really want to stop it totally? In my opinion… No because if you stop breeding dogs the bloodlines will die off. Pure bred dogs will cease to exist. We will lose the healthy DNA, the dogs will have more health problems due to bad genetics caused by breeding unknown bloodlines. A good breeder spends a lot of money to ensure the health of the puppies. Breeding is costly. ****This is only my opinion and I am not an expert! I just want to share the things that I have learned and experienced with my sweet pups.****

In my experience when you meet the dog for you…. you will know. I knew as soon as I held Crowley and with Madame I picked her out when I saw the pictures of her when she was only a few days old.


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