White boxers SHED!!!

I can only speak for white boxers as I have only lived with them. They shed a lot! The time of year does not seem to make any difference nor the age of the dog. Some call it “boxer glitter” and it’s something you must learn to live with! Well I am extremely OCD therefore I am constantly sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming , mopping and repeating! Thank goodness I have hardwood flooring!

These two ride in the car with me several days a week. You could imagine what my floor mats look like! I will include pictures below! I thought I would share with you the easiest way that I have found to clean the hair out of my car. I have tried several suggestions, remedies and easy fixes that I found online. Honestly none of them worked! I’ll save you the time… damp rubber gloves do not remove hair, running the car mats through the machine at the car wash does not work. The pet hair attachment on my regular vacuum does not work. Now onto what does work.

I have this dog brush for short hair dogs. It’s a glove with little soft rubber bristles on it. I picked it up at Walmart a year ago. I basically brushed the mats with the dog brush to loosen the hair and then vacuumed with my shop vac and it worked!!! I was so excited! So there’s my little easy solution! Hope it works for you !!

Before and after photos below!

This is the dog brush/glove. I can’t find a tag or brand name on it anywhere but it came from Walmart !!!


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